About Foundation

“David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation” is an educational, charity, non-profit organization founded in 2015. Founder of the foundation believes that education is the main value of democratic, modern and highly developed country, and that is why invested investments is entirely dedicated for the development of the country. The main purpose of founders of the foundation is to promote progressive, modern country that covers European values.

The closest way to this goal is education. We believe, that support in creating an educated society is crucial for the development of the country of European values, based on the reason, that the educated society should be the driving force of the country. Progressive development must be always strengthened by the historical past which reflects national identity. That is why we consider it to make it our own duty to take care of our past, cultural heritage, reservation and transfer thereof to future generations. The modern world has its own challenges. Today these challenges include high-tech, natural sciences and technical directions, our fund is ready to become an investor and enable the country’s future, education-oriented generation to get quality ensured education and rule their own future and the future is being created today!