Founder's Welcome

Over the years, Georgia has undergone significant changes, which, first of all, implies the use its economic, political and cultural potential and thus modernize the country. In addition, modernization of the country is not only related to the attraction of investment or external assistance. Positive investment climate, imported technologies and education are a necessary prerequisite for development of the country, but such development will be sustainable only if the industrial, political and cultural advancement becomes a result of the process guided with knowledge.

The educational fund is committed to creating important prerequisites for knowledge to become the basis for Georgia’s modernization. From our perspective today, it is necessary to encourage motivated young people and introduce such innovations that will create solid guarantees for generating “own” knowledge in the future.

Consequently, my goal is to support young people’s willingness to master the knowledge that will make Georgia’s pace irreversible to the modern, European, developed and educated community, which, in turn, means the transformation of the country from the consumer of technologies to the producer of technologies and innovations.