One more project of the Education Foundation was included in the EU's biggest portal


The Art Palace and the “David Bejuashvili Educational Foundation” another joint project has been dignified in front of a world audience!…
The first collection of Georgian historical costumes was put on Europeana, among them were the unique costumes that were restored within the frameworks of project “National Clothes” by the art palace and the Foundation. After the completion of the project, unique exhibits were placed in the special hall. It is noteworthy that this is the first time Georgian exhibits from the Art Palace collection were placed in the portal of the largest European Institution of the European Union portal
Georgian exhibits from the art palace collection were housed. Europeana is the largest digital platform for the cultural heritage of the European Union, which enrolls 3 thousand institutions across Europe. The digital platform has 10 million viewers per hour. The institution was founded in 2008 and today the digital library has more than 58 million artifacts.
Negotiation with Europeana began in 2018, within the European year of cultural heritage. The Institute expresses its willingness to continue the cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia and put more Georgian museum collections on the European digital platform. In 2018 one more project of the Educational Foundation was
included in the international museum electronic space. “Google” Cultural Institute has included the canvas ‘The lacy boy’ preserved in the Art Palace Gallery in its own space.
It is worth mentioning that the purchase of the drawing recognized between the world masterpieces took place within the framework of the next project “National Treasury”, initiated with the Art Palace.  Download PDF