"David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation" project - “National Cash-box”

“David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation”, together with the “Theater, Film and Music Museum”, began implementing the second project in 2017. “National Cash-box” – The name derives from the name of the Georgian educators project of the 19th and 20th centuries, the goal was the same – to reserve, restore, save from selling and taking out of Georgia those items that are the national treasure of our country.

The items purchased by the Foundation and Art Palace, which are often sold out from families or sold under hard social conditions are rare items that are found in the hands of traders with rarity items. We purchased the exhibits after establishing their authenticity and left them at the ArtPalace. They have been restored by art restorationists and are already full-right exhibits of the Art Palace.

At the end of the year, the Foundation and Art Palace will present the exhibits purchased for 12 months. Every item which was purchased within the framework of “National Cash-box” will be restored and reserved for the future generations at the exhibition.