"David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation" project - The Museum of Books

Very first time in Georgia, the project of the century, in the region of Caucasus the largest  “The Museum of Books” has been opened. The implementation of the project was started by “David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation” together with the National Library of Georgia in 2016.

“Davit Bezhuashvili Education Foundation” has several priorities: educational projects, initiatives, innovations, care, rehabilitation, maintenance of national treasures and their repatriation. The fund focuses  on more fundamental and significant projects but has never refused to fund and stand up for talented, ambitious, creative, young people oriented on learning.

“The Museum of books” is the first of the foundation and the biggest project at this stage. The initiative belongs to our partner National Library and, from its significance, the foundation expressed interest in the project from the very beginning.
The main idea – to transfer the first printed books of the

“National Library Foundation”, the oldest Georgian and foreign editions, the rare and rarity exhibits from the closed space to the open space – in the museum was decisive for “Davit Bezhuashvili Education Foundation”. Prior that rare editions were available only for certain individuals and now in the museum everyone will be able to see them. The library’s repository stores more than 10 thousand unique books, and few people know about their existence. Especially the new generation for whom the Book Museum will become an educational center.


It is the merit of the National Library’s young and reformer team and the Foundation that the greatest national treasure now will move to the museum. This project will demonstrate the nation’s intellect, history and development, it has a great purpose for present and future generations, for relevant demonstration of our country. The Museum of books has already been marked on the tourist map of Tbilisi, it will be an educational center and tourist location where there will always be visitors, this will be an open space for pupils and students where public lectures and presentations will be held.

Performed works

“The Museum of Books” was created in the National Library’s historical first building, we may say, from zero.  The museum’s space was liberated, restored, renovated, and the climate system essential for books was installed, on which the life of the book, sheet depends, the lighting was arranged and the relevant museum inventory – book tables, shelves were made. The financial support of these works was entirely provided by “David Bezhuashvili’s Education Foundation”.

Museum area

In connection with Shota Rustaveli’s 850th Anniversary Rustaveli Hall will be opened in “the Museum of Books”. The permanent rotation of the editions of “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” will be done from the great collection preserved in the National Library: rare editions, the first printed “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”, the collection editions, and the exhibits which had been kept in various public figures’ foundations.
Another hall will be opened in the museum area, which will be named Ilia Chavchavadze. Ilia’s personal books will be stored here. Books with his notes, recordings, Ilia’s compositions published as book.
The third hall will be directly “The Museum of Books”, where the exhibits of the library’s store of rarities will be exhibited thematically. This will be the hall where lessons, lectures and public meetings will be held, it will be a modern, interactive space.