"David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation" project - Georgian Historical Costumes

In March 2016, Memorandum was signed between “Davit Bezhuashvili Education Foundation” and State Museum of Theater, Music, Cinema and Choreography. According to the document, the educational fund was to restore 6 historical costumes. The process lasted 6 months. At the end of the year the “National Clothes Hall” was opened at the Art Palace where the restored six costumes were exhibited.

Restored costumes were kept in poor conditions at Art Palace waiting for restoration. Through the initiative of the Art Palace palace, with the help of our foundation, complete restoration and conservation of the costumes took place.

The dress made according to King Tamar’s dress in Vardzia fresco (author Soliko Virsaladze), dated 20th century.

  • Tekla Saakadze’s costume dated 18th century
  • Prince Cholokashvili’s costume dated 18th century
  • King Luarsab’s costume dated18th century
  • Shah’s costume from the film “Giorgi Saakadze”
  • Keto’s dress from the film “Keto and Kote”

Duplication of tissue, golden embroidery conservation and restoration. Restoration, purchase of gold and silver merchandise on the artefacts, replacement of plastic stones with precious stones and restoration of their original appearance. After the 6-month works, an exhibition was opened in the Art Palace and it could be said that this was the occasion when at the entrance of the museum there was a queue for hours.

In June 2017, the costumes restored by the Foundation “Hall of National Clothes ” were exhibited in  Google’s virtual museum.