The National Museum and "David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation" project - "Caucasus Biodiversity"

Another great project is starting with the support of “David Bezhuashvili Education Foundation”, as a result of which a renovated permanent exhibition ‘Nature of Caucasus’ will be held at the exhibition hall of the National Museum of Georgia. David Lortkipanidze, the Director of the National Museum of Georgia, addressed the Foundation with the initiative to make a new, super modern exhibition hall for the oldest, the most unique and the richest geological, botanical and zoological collections in the Caucasus (which include endemics, relicts, rare, endangered and already extinct species).

According to the decision of the founders of the Foundation, another new space will be arranged in Georgia in cooperation with the co-partners, where the unique exhibits will be displayed, the history of the collection of which dates back to 1852. According to the concept, the exhibition will also have the function of an educational center: various educational and information stands will be installed, innovative lessons will be delivered, and the brochures will be published on the Caucasus ecoregion and other interesting information. 280 square meters will be allocated for the new space.